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Glassís Mobile SMS valuation service allows a consumer to value a car using an SMS that is sent to a short code (example: 88744 or 88744).

The SMS needs to contain: a KEYWORD + a CAR REGISTRATION + a MILEAGE.

Example: GLASS GR57XVJ 90000

The keyword allows Glassís to track where the sale of the valuation came from (e.g. which partner/marketing campaign was the origin of the transaction).

The valuation process is as simple as:

1. Text GLASS, the car registration and mileage, making sure to put a space between each. (e.g. GLASS GR57XVJ 90000)
2. Send the text to 88744**
3. Read your car report sent back as a text***.
**The number may be different depending on the service the partner takes or if they want their own short code.

Glass's huge car database will return the price you'll pay on the forecourt and three different trade-in prices; excellent, average and below average, for any car built from 1992 onwards.
Glassís cannot provide a valuation for cars less than 6 months old, cars that have covered less than 10,000 miles, imports, low-volume vehicles, motorbikes, vans or commercial vehicles.

The service works on all UK mobile networks.

*** SMS car valuations cost £1.50x2 (for short code 88744) or £2.00x2 (for short code 88744) + normal network charges, and if your car cannot be matched then you will not be charged.



The values provided by this service are NOT insurance settlement values, cash values or replacement prices and should not be presented as such.

All trade-in valuations given are based on a single transaction with a bona fide motor dealer involving the sale of the consumerís car in part exchange for the purchase of a different car from the same dealer on the same day.

If the actual transaction is due to take place in the future (e.g. when ordering a new car), the value offered by the dealer will be affected.

Vehicle prices are affected by many different factors such as regional variations, sales promotions, a dealerís perceived view of the condition of a vehicle, or if a franchised dealer is being asked to consider a transaction for a marque outside the franchise.

In any event, the amount quoted should not be relied upon solely, and should be treated as a guide only.

Ready for retail sale; mechanically perfect, paintwork unblemished for vehicle under two years old, but may have slight stone damage on vehicle over two years old or with high mileage. Interior should be immaculate. A full service history must be provided.

All equipment fitted should be fully operational. Tyres should be new or nearly new, wheels and trims clean and undamaged. If appropriate, the MOT Certificate must be for a minimum of nine months.

Some wear and tear to mechanical parts may be expected. Some minor repair might be required to the paintwork, although there should be no serious damage requiring replacement bodywork.
The car will be of generally tidy appearance inside and out but some expenditure may be required for retail sale. A full service history must be provided.

All equipment fitted should be fully operational. Tyres should not be more than half-worn. Wheels and trims should be in good condition. If appropriate, the MOT Certificate must be for a minimum of six months.

Requires mechanical repair or some repair to bodywork. The interior may be worn and seats may have marks. Some corrosion, damage or poorly repaired paintwork may need attention.
The car may not have a full service history and would not be offered for retail sale without significant expenditure. Major items of equipment such as radios should be operational.

Tyres should be legal with an even tread depth across the tyre. Wheels and trims may show evidence of some scuffmarks. If appropriate, the MOT Certificate must be for a minimum of three months.

The "dealer asking price" or "windscreen price". It is not necessarily the price a consumer would actually pay, as it may be the subject of negotiation, discount or an extra allowance on the value of your own car. It will also vary depending on any special offers applicable at the time, condition, length of warranty and any options and extras that may be fitted.

Glassís Private Sale price represents an estimated selling price for a car sold by one private individual to another private individual at a given time. Private Sale prices apply to cars in good overall condition. A car in good condition will carry the best part of a yearís MOT. The car should present itself well, with no obvious damage to bodywork. Tyres and mechanical parts should all be in good condition. All equipment should be fully operational. In the case of cars under 3 years of age, the balance of the manufacturer's warranty would also be included.


The trade-in price (the amount a dealer pays you) differs from the retail price (the price a dealer advertises the car) because a dealer has the following costs and considerations:

  • refurbishment, valeting, servicing & stocking/storage

  • warranty, administration & title checks

  • profit, advertising & VAT


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